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Playing Bingo Online

The gameplay of the online game of bingo is the same as that of bingo in general – see the introduction to playing bingo and also the descriptions of the specific varieties of the game (90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball). 80 ball bingo in particular is only found online, although similar looking games (with shutters) can be found at fairgrounds and the like. This article picks out the features unique to the online game of bingo so to read more about online bingo read below.
With online bingo the choice is almost endless. There are lots of sites, each featuring many different games. You often find both 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo to choose from at the same site. As mentioned above the game of 80 ball bingo is only found online. Games run all the time, so you don’t have to wait for the bingo room to open. There is a choice of the price of games too, with ticket (card) prices to suit all pockets, even from 10p a card up!
Features of online bingo
Online bingo has lots of useful and interesting features that just can’t be offered in a live game too. Although you don’t have the face to face interaction, there is usually a site wide chat room so that you can chat (with typed text) with everyone else on the site – and these chats are moderated by chat room operators hired by the site so that the conversation is friendly, kept going and so on. The moderators often announce when new games are starting and what the prizes are (for jackpots as well as the usual prizes) so that you don’t accidentally miss any action if you are deep in a conversation with someone. Some sites have table chat too where you can chat with people who are specifically playing the actual game that is running as you participate.
The autodaub feature is either on all the time or an option on online bingo sites. This is where the software keeps an eye on the numbers as they come out, and marks your card for you automatically. So if you don’t want to you don’t have to do anything, just keep an eye on your cards as they are marked! This means it is easier to chat as you play. There are various acronyms used in the chat rooms that you might need to get used to. A lot of these are common with general internet acronyms (e.g. LOL = Laugh Out Loud) but some are bingo specific.
Some bingo rooms have the feature where as they autodaub your cards they keep track of which ones are closest to making the bingo. So they mark them with ‘three to go’ ‘two to go’ and so on, and the software has an option where your cards are sorted so that the ones closest to winning are at the top, so you can keep a closer eye on them. This can make the game more fun and exciting, and also makes it easier for you to chat at the same time as playing. The chat is always friendly at bingo rooms, with players congratulating each other on wins and being happy for their friends if they win!
The special features tend to vary from room to room, so do check out the different sites’ descriptions of what features they have. Some sites have a free try out system where you get special ‘play chips’ so you can try playing bingo and see how the software works, before you decide to go ahead and deposit real money. Of course, if you win with play chips you don’t get real money back – but you can definitely try the games and the software out first. This does vary a lot from room to room, just like some other software features, so again check out what each room offers in the way of free play (if they do). Some rooms offer special ‘free play’ hours where you can get a free bingo card or set of cards to try the game, rather than play money.
Side games
Along with (obviously) a large variety of bingo games, a lot of online bingo sites have ‘side games’ – other fun gambling games you can play as you wait for the next game of bingo to start. There is a large variation in the side games offered so you really do have to check the site itself to find out what is available. However, games such as slots (slot machines or fruit machines), casino games such as video poker, blackjack, roulette are all possibilities. You don’t have to play these of course, but it all adds to the choices that are available right there for you to play should you want to.
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